Ode to the Skyline

Ode to the Skyline

The red Nissan Skyline trundled the streets of our town
For all of a good twenty-five years.
Though battered and bruised, onwards it cruised
And outlived most of its peers.

From owners unknown it came first to Dale,
Then on to Michael and Lara in turn,
It ferried many a load along many a road.
And many tanks of petrol it did burn.

Oh the places it's been, and the things that it's seen
From Wilson's Prom to Halls Gap and Ballarat.
Up to Lakes Entrance and over to Adelaide,
And of course to Fairhaven, don't forget that!

Inevitably and surely as time passed on by,
Its years on the road start to show.
But despite all the breakdowns and minor mishaps,
It still continued to go.

The alternator was switched, the heating got ditched,
The odometer and petrol gauge ended in strife.
One door was stuck shut, the ignition key broke,
And still the old beast roared to life.

And so it seemed its life would continue
Gradually dwindling but still chug-chugging away.
But sadly, alas! One fine Melbourne morn,
Our wheels came to grief on the freeway.

And so now sadly we come the time that we must
Bid farewell to "P-C-G Two-Two-Nine".
And say "Thanks for the memories and kilometres travelled.
The journey was certainly fine!"

June 2011